February 2, 2014 @ 12:00 am
posted by PM Yoga

*******Hazardous Road Conditions*******
If JCPS is closed because of hazardous road conditions, we will, in most likelihood, be closed as well, but please double check this schedule page and FaceBook. If JCPS is on delay for hazardous road conditions, please check our FaceBook page for updates, this schedule page on our website for updates or call for class information. In the case of JCPS being on delay, NORMALLY, we will hold afternoon (including the 12:15pm class times) and evening classes, but again, check this schedule page or FaceBook for confirmation or call us.

This still may not cover all conditions in which we may or may not be open in conjunction with JCPS, but JCPS is one of the most broad “measurements” we have to go by. The instance of JCPS being closed because of the extreme cold recently is a fairly unique circumstance, typically there is snow/ice as well. Because of this though, we have changed the wording of our policy at an attempt for better coverage. We apologize, we are not able to predict every circumstance, but we will always do our best to communicate what we are able to.

Please ALWAYS check our FaceBook page and this page for the most up to date information. When in any doubt, please call.
Thank you!

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