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Tonya Phillips ~ Owner/Instructor
My yoga journey…I love Jesus and I love yoga!  Both make me who I am.  I was blessed to be a stay-at-home mom for 16 years, working little jobs here and there to help make ends meet for my family.  I learned as a young mother that exercise not only made me look and feel better, but it helped relieve the stress of being a stay-at-home mom of 3 boys.  I would do cardio and weights and occasionally pop in a yoga video.  Although I loved my life, I missed the opportunity to go to college.  Deep down I had hopes that one day I’d find a passion and that would help me decide “what I wanted to be when I grew up”.  I started going to yoga classes when the PM Yoga studio opened in Shelbyville and fell in love, making it a priority to practice 3-4 times a week.  I soon noticed strength and flexibility different from other workouts and calmness inside I had never experienced, along with new-found body awareness.  I continued practicing and starting praying for direction in my life.  That is when God placed on my heart that he wanted me to go to yoga teacher training.  With His guidance, encouragement from my teachers, and a huge leap of faith, I entered the Yoga Teacher Training program at The Om Place and upon completion of that program, I began teaching at PM Yoga’s new Middletown location.  I quickly fell in love with teaching and my students.  I always seek more training through workshops & classes.  God has used my passion in ways I never saw coming.  James 1:17 says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above”, and soon I was given an opportunity that can only be described as a gift.  Others’ life changes allowed me to move into the position of owner of PM Yoga.  I could and still can, only barely contain the excitement I feel for what the Lord has done for me.  As a teacher, I consider it an honor when you take time out of your busy life to come share a part of your day with me, so I want your experience to be worthwhile.  My teaching style is simple, really.  My hope is for you to feel welcomed & at ease as I teach you the basics.  Learn how to breathe, learn safe & proper alignment, & have fun while getting to know your amazing body.  I’m passionate about life & health, as both are a gift from God. Romans 12:2 “Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is-his good, pleasing & perfect will.”
Come & be transformed.
E-RYT 500
Pam Davis ~ Instructor
I’m originally from Louisville with several moves including Baton Rouge, LA, Lexington, KY and several little northern Kentucky towns.  I eventually returned to Louisville in 1989 and I’m still here! My yoga journey began roughly 10 years ago with a mat, DVD and my living room floor.  I stumbled through that (literally) for a couple years and then joined a very small gym mainly to lift weights, which is a huge passion of mine.  There I met a very bubbly energetic woman who kept trying to convince me to join the yoga class.  I balked several times but she’s very convincing and I eventually attended her class, absolutely loved it and have not turned back.  She also told me about the yoga studio where she taught and how amazing it is.  That studio was PM Yoga and that woman was Jennifer Allen (Hopper now) who is an instructor at PM Yoga and my dear friend.   I remember feeling a little anxious on my first visit but as soon as I walked through the door I knew I was home.  My Dad had recently died after suffering from Alzheimer’s and the practice of yoga and those who practiced with me lifted me up,  calmed me down and helped me heal.   PM Yoga’s sense of community, peace, acceptance, and love are something rare and indescribable.  It is a sacred place.  I was hooked and knew this was now my studio, my space., my home.  The studio then moved to its current location and the feeling of home is as strong as ever which proves it’s not the location or the building that gives the sense of home.  It’s the hearts, souls and passion of the owner, manager, all instructors and students which is the pure definition of love acceptance and community.  The practice of yoga and these amazing souls then walked with me through the death of my mother a few years later who also suffered from Alzheimer’s disease.  That’s what this tribe does. That’s what this yoga community does.  After more healing from the death of both parents and after some serious thought, I decided to take the leap and attend teacher training.  I received my RYT-200 in June 2018 from the Om Place and my Trauma Informed Yoga Certification from the Essence of Yoga Center shortly thereafter.  Becoming a teacher is one of the best decisions of my life as a student of yoga and as a human.  I’m a better person because of it.   My goal in leading yoga is to help foster an environment that is safe, accepting, fun and home for all.  If I can help provide a respite from the world on the other side of the studio door, then I’ve achieved that goal.  I can’t wait to see your sweet soul in class and to welcome you home. 
Tara Durnil ~ Instructor
I have been a student of PM Yoga since 2013, when I began taking classes after the birth of my son. I fell in love with yoga and it became an integral part of my life which led me to receive my 200 RYT certification in June of 2019, under the study of Erin Smith, at The OM Place in Winchester Kentucky. I also continued and completed my 300 RYT in April of 2020, under the tutelage of Laura Burkhart, through Laura Burkhart Yoga. I have since then been a 500 RYT through Yoga Alliance. I believe yoga is for Everybody and Every Body and that yoga will meet you wherever you are on your own life journey. I love to offer a challenging class, while paying attention to form, alignment and offering modifications, but rounding it out with some self-care through breathing and longer held stretches.
By degree, I hold a Master of Music in Vocal Performance in 2009, from the University of Louisville, where I studied under Edith Tidwell. I received my Bachelor of Arts Degree, focus in Vocal Music, from Bellarmine University in 2007, where I studied under Barry Lawrence and Dr. Alexander T. Simpson. I’ve been a returning member of the Kentucky Opera Chorus since 2006, singing in many shows such as Carmen, Lucia di Lammermoor, Dialogue of the Carmelites, La Traviata, La Boheme, Tosca, Merry Widow, The Mikado and Dead Man Walking. I actively sing around the Louisville area, and can often be found at my home church, Christ Church Cathedral, singing most Sundays.
I have been with my husband, Michael, for over 15 years, I am Mom to a viola playing college aged daughter and video game loving little boy. I love to get into a yoga class whenever possible, enjoy knitting, cooking, reading, gardening, spending time with close friends, and sitting in our hammock by the creek whenever I can.
Kate Pilkington ~ Instructor
Kate is a passionate and energetic yoga instructor who received her RYT200 certification with Sharon Tessandory of Barefoot Works in Lexington, KY. She has trained extensively with Sharon Tessandori, Lisa Miller, and Stephanie Studler, as well as with Laura Whittaker and Sarah Bowker. Her personal yoga style is a blend of Vinyasa and Iyengar-inspired, form-based practice that pays close attention to alignment and proper body mechanics.
Kate regularly teaches Yoga 1, All Level Flow, mixed level, and Family and Children’s Yoga. In addition, she has taught at the Kentucky Refugee Ministries Elder Day Program and instructed accessible yoga for individuals undergoing cancer treatment at the Colon Cancer Prevention Project. She is enthusiastic about sharing yoga with everyone, no matter their experience or ability. Kate firmly believes in bringing yoga to the community, a conviction rooted in a background in mental health and social work.
Ashley Schmidt ~ Instructor
My yoga journey began when I was seventeen. Against my will, I accompanied my Mama to her weekly class with all the teenage-y angst I could muster. As it turns out, the joke was on me. I loved it, LOVED IT! I walked out feeling happy, grounded and at peace. Unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to truly embrace yoga. After a few months of regular practice, I lost touch with it for several years.While attending graduate school at Florida State, I returned to the mat to help ease my stress and continued to practice regularly and over the next decade. I still hadn’t gained a deeper appreciation of yoga – it was just a workout I did a few times a week that had the added benefit of reducing stress.That all changed for me in recovery.Almost three years ago, I had an epiphany – it was time to break up with alcohol. I never hit what one would call a “rock bottom moment”. I’d say a more accurate description is that I chose to see my life and myself more clearly. When I quit drinking, I crawled out of the fog and found myself waiting for a new beginning. I have found strength, hope, and a renewed sense of purpose in recovery.It was during this time that yoga began to take on a whole new meaning for me. I was no longer using it to simply sustain my life as I had all those years. I was using it as a tool to change and empower my life.Yoga became a keystone of my recovery. On business trips and vacation, my yoga mat traveled with me as did my iPad, so I could access my favorite online classes. My hotel rooms became makeshift yoga studios. Everywhere I went, my practice came with me. By the winter of 2018, I had signed up to train to become a yoga teacher.I received my 200-hour yoga certification from the Om Place and my Trauma Informed Yoga certification from The Essence of Yoga. I’m passionate about the practice of yoga as a path to holistic healing as well as an invaluable tool in addiction recovery.When I’m not practicing yoga, I love coffee, cat snuggles, my hubby, dancing around my apartment by myself, meditation, metaphysics, essential oils, podcasts, walking just about anywhere, and reading … about yoga.
Mitzi Root ~ Instructor
I am a Christian, wife, mother of a precocious boy named Stephen, and lover of all things yoga!  My yoga journey began years ago in a crowded class in a gym that does not exist anymore.  It was not the welcoming, nurturing environment that is usually associated with yoga.  The participants were very “clique-ish” and the instructor would constantly tell me what I was doing wrong in a condescending way.  Most people would run from that experience, but something about it kept drawing me back.  I have attended many other classes and studios since then with varying experiences, but somehow found the calm in the midst of the storm despite myself and the others around me.  Fast forward to 2010, when a special offer led me to the doorstep of PM Yoga.  It was unlike any yoga experience I had ever had.  The instructors were nurturing and approachable.  We were encouraged to experience yoga wherever we were in our individual journeys and to challenge ourselves along the way.  It was here that I found the true meaning of yoga, here, I was home!!!
Yoga has truly transformed my life in so many ways!  I am healthier than I have been in years, despite orthopedic injuries and early arthritis.  When I had shoulder surgery in 2012, my doctor and physical therapists were amazed at how quickly I regained my range of motion and I was back to yoga in 4 weeks!  Yoga has also helped me with anxiety, flexibility and strength.
My goal as a teacher is to meet students where they are along their yoga journey and give them the space to explore yoga and make their practice their own.  I am a bit of an anatomy geek, so practicing safely is very important to me.  The beauty of yoga is that it is accessible to everyone regardless of your current level of strength, stamina or flexibility.  I encourage the use of props to help with proper alignment and use them regularly in my classes.  My classes are energetic and playful and I strive to provide an invigorating practice with plenty of time for restorative poses and relaxation.
I received my RYT-200 hour yoga teacher certification in June 2013.  I have attended various workshops including ones with Kino MacGregor both before and after earning my teacher certification (and will continue to explore and gain more knowledge!).  
Most of all though, I love every minute I spend sharing yoga with my students!!

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