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February 2, 2014 @ 12:00 am
posted by PM Yoga

Strengthen, Stretch & Satisfy Your Body & Mind

Welcome to PM Yoga, your yoga studio to help form your body into the most perfect machine possible to enjoy life & enrich the lives of those around you by uplifting & strengthening your mind, body & heart.

Yoga is for everyone & we certainly have the style suited to you, YOU can do yoga! No matter your flexibility (or perceived lack there of!), your strength level, endurance, breathing capacity or any other element you may believe to prevent you from doing yoga…YOU can do yoga! Want to increase you energy, decrease stress, get personal attention to ensure you are performing your practice effectively & efficiently? We assure you, yoga is for you!

A little more about yoga & its benefits in general…

Yoga is not only for everyone, but it is for anyone that is concerned about their overall well being, it is not only about a healthy body, but mental & spiritual health as well.

Robert Holly, Ph.D., a senior lecturer in the Department of Exercise Biology at U.C. Davis, says that muscles respond to stretching by becoming larger & capable of extracting & using more oxygen more quickly. In other words, side benefits of flexibility include increased muscle strength & endurance. Yoga poses help increase lung capacity by improving the flexibility of the rib area, shoulders & back allowing the lungs to expand more fully. Standing poses, balancing poses & inversions build quite a bit of strength because they require sustained isometric contractions of many large & small muscles. Spending one hour in a yoga class can burn anywhere from 200 to 500 calories, depending on intensity. Yoga has proven to reduce stress, anxiety & fatigue as well. A strong, flexible body can also prevent injuries in sports, fitness & other physical activities whether at home with your children, playing like children in your free time or in the workplace. Finally, yoga tunes you into your body & helps you to better coordinate your actions. (Information gathered from various articles at

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