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February 2, 2014 @ 12:00 am
posted by PM Yoga

Yoga 1*  – The fundamental poses (asana) of Yoga develop strength, flexibility, balance & focus.  Learn to breathe better, move with ease & relax fully.  Any Yoga 1 class is appropriate for all levels of student, even beginning students.

Yoga Tone*/Yoga 1* – A challenging blend of movements combining weights and cardio with yoga.  This is a great class if you aren’t getting another form of workout or maybe don’t like going to a “typical” gym.  Please have attended approximately 5 yoga classes prior to attending this class.  Using weights in this class is optional; the asana alone will build strength & tone the body.

Yoga Flow* – This class will take you through a series, including a warm up then flowing to Sun Salutations, strength poses, core work, balance, twists and stretching to modern music!  This class will get you sweatin’ and movin’!  Many options are provided to best suit your abilities, making it available to all levels of students.

Yoga for Mobility* – A class blending traditional yoga asana with myofascial release and functional range work to help support your life and movement both on and off the mat.  Suitable for everyone from beginners to athletes.

Yoga 1 Plus* – Yoga 1 with a Vinyasa flair ~ Vinyasa simply means ‘flow’ ~ please have attended approximately 5 yoga classes and have a general knowledge of yoga postures prior to attending this class ~ You will move in this class from posture to posture more quickly & try some fun new postures you may not experience in a Yoga 1 class.

Stretch & Flow* – Enjoy long held stretches, more time in balance poses and move at a slower pace through sun salutations. This class will complement your other yoga or movement classes and is appropriate for all levels. It will be the perfect start to your week.

Mat rental for $1

*Props and/or weights provided in all classes.

Please see our Class Schedule page for weekly class times & instructors. Please check our schedule page regularly for updates, especially for holiday schedule changes (typically posted at least 5 business days prior to the date of the holiday). Please also see our Tuition page for individual class & membership pricing.

All classes are open to the public with no reservations needed (new students, please see the New Student Page) for further information.

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